Monday, 25 June 2012

Fraud On The Rise For Japanese Used Vehicles...

Why you need to go to Durban To Buy Your Second Hand Japanese Car?

Japanese used car import fraud continues to rise and buyers should be fully aware of their existence.Even though there are many informative articles on the internet and print media,many people are still losing out a great deal of money through internet fraud.A lot of Japanese used car buyers are just desperate to get the best car at the cheapest price even if the deal sounds too good to be true.In most cases the consumer does not receive any vehicle at all and if they do,they normally get a totally different one from the one they supposedly bought.The pictures on most websites are deceiving.Some people end up paying more money on repairs as well as maintenance to such an extent that the whole essence of saving disappears into thin air.

People who purchase used vehicles from Japan should be on the lookout.It is highly advisable for the consumer to purchase a car they have physically seen.For example,the fraudsters target people from African countries like Botswana,Zambia,Zimbabwe and Malawi.They know that people from third world countries thrive on saving their money,hence they know that such people are gullible and tend to be potential victims.People from these countries are encouraged to travel to neighbouring South Africa and buy the cars in Durban where they are also likely to get some better deals.

It is equally sad to note that most of the fraudsters escape the long arm of the law.It is your responsibility as the consumer to be extra smart when buying these used japanese cars.Always know that the best car which is in good condition would never be sold at some of the dubious prices we see online.Do not be gullible.

You should deal with well know exporters who will give you genuine cars,especially if you value your money.It is equally hard to distinguish between the genuine ones and the fraudsters.People are encouraged to avoid buying used japanese vehicles on the internet,especially if they have other options available.Even if you were to find a car dealer you trust online,how would you be so sure that the car they are selling is in good condition?The only way for you to find out is to test drive the car even if it is for a few meters before you pay your money.Besides you cannot test drive it on the internet.Furthermore you do not even know if they will ship and deliver the car or they will simply disappear into thin air.

As a last note,all we ask from you is for you to buy from people or websites you trust.If you stay in countries neighbouring South Africa,you should just travel to Durban to buy the car on your own rather than lose your money on the internet.Alternatively,take the numbers below and give us a call.

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