Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Japanese Cars ?

Q : Are Japanese Cars Reliable ?

A : The answer is YES and NO. It all depends on the condition of the car when you buy it. For example ,if you buy an overused car, obviously it is bound to give you problems. On the other hand, the majority of the cars tend to be reliable ,mainly because the dealers also depend on refferal marketing hence they can not afford to sell unreliable cars since this will have a negative impact on the business. After buying your second hand used Japanese car, just make sure that you service it on a regular basis.

Q : How much are used Japanese Cars ?

A : This is a tricky but one of the most frequently asked questions. Most people who call us simply do so to know the amount of cash they will have to bring to Durban to buy their cars. Well, the answer depends on a number of factors like make, model, type, size and mileage. But generally speaking, you can find a car from as little as $2000 [or less] and they can also go up to as high as $20,000 [usually trucks].All we can say is that there is everything for everyone, we have all types of cars to suit your individual as well as business needs.

Q : How much do i pay for tansport from Durban to the boader or to my home country?

A : Most car carriers will charge you from $350 to Botswana, Lesotho, or Swaziland. $500 to Beitbridge.

Q : How much do i pay for duty?

A : This is one of the most difficult questions to answer accurately. It is hard to know how nor the percentages which the custom guys use. How ever , from the experience of our current customers ,all we can say is that it rarely exceeds half the amount you would have paid for the car. For example, a car which costs you $3000,you can expect to pay a duty of less than $1500.

Q : Which used Japanese Cars do you guys have ?

A : We have all types of cars from luxury family cars  ,mini-bus taxes to trucks.

Q : Can i buy my car from the dealers close to the boarder post?

A : Yes you can, and most of them are also reliable. It all depends on whether you want to save money or not since most of these dealers also buy the cars from Durban.

Q : Why are people still flocking to Durban to buy used Japanese Cars instead of buying from their own home Countries?

A : The reasons are varied. But most importantly, it is the need to save money and try to get the best of deals as well as cars. For example, almost every car dealer needs profits. Imagine them buying the cars from Durban [say for $3000],when they sell it to you, they are likely to add an extra $2000 [profit],import duty, if they paid $1200,they are likely to increase it to $2000 or more. Besides, they still have to add transport costs as well as other fees. The total amount may end up being as high as

 $ 9000.However,by coming to Durban, most car buyers come to the realisation that the same amount of $9000 can actually buy them as many as three different cars. If they just buy one car,they would be saving themselves an extra three to four thousand dollars simply by taking the initiative of coming to Durban to buy the cars.

Q : What should i be carefull of once iam in Durban ?

A : Just like any other city in the world, Durban is no stranger to crime and fraud. Once you arrive you are likely to meet a myriad of people some of which will pretend to be cars sellers or Sales Reps. Some may steal from you whilst others may try to swindle you of your hard earned cash. Do not be a victim. That is why we usually encourage our customers to give us a call as soon as they arrive or when on their way, so that we can wait for them at Durban Station or the Airport and provide transport for them.

In as much as this is good for our business, we also feel it is the best thing we can do for our customers. There are also some used Japanese car dealers who happen to be crooks. You buy your car but they will send you a totally different car from the one you bought. Some will also make you pay some extra-fees in the name of 'PUSHING' your papers as well as your car. That is total bullshit, there is nothing like that. Pay for your car and transport nothing else, nothing more. Do not let them force you to pay for a receipt. Yes a receipt, some car dealers will make you pay for that. Imagine going into a supermarket and being charged for an invoice. Some will make you pay an extra $100 just for the receipt. Unbelievable,

If you are coming to Durban to buy any used Japanese car or truck, Contact us so that we can be at your service.



Transport to our garages from Durban Station as well as the airport provided. Accommodation arrangements can also be made for you in advance in Lodges, Hotels and Guest Houses in and around Durban