Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mazda Bongo / Nissan Vanette Review - Used Japanese Cars

Used Japanese Cars - A Review of the Mazda Bongo and the Nissan Vanette

Mazda Bongo
From personal experience,both in the marketing field and as a used Japanese car sales rep it seems as if the Mazda Bongo and the Nissan Vanette are in high demand especially from countries such as Zimbabwe,Zambia,Malawi and Botswana.With the rising demand of these types of used Japanese Cars,they have become increasingly hard to find on the market.A survey done on 12 Japanese Used Car Dealers has shown that only two garages have the Mazda Bongo mini-bus taxi and non of the 12 has any Nissan Vanette mini-bus taxi.However,there seems to be an overload of the Mazda Bongo trucks and a fair supply of the Nissan Vanette trucks.
Nissan Vanette

The Mazda Bongo has been sold in many different versions since it was first manufactured in 1966.It is also known as the Mazda E-series and Mazda Access.The third generation of the Bongo manufactured between 1983 and 1999 was also sold by Ford in Asia as the 'Spectron'.The same Bongo was also sold in Australia by Mazda as the E-series.As from 1994 onwards Nissan also started selling the bongo as the Nissan Vanette.

Mazda Bongo Friendee
As from 1995 [to 2005] the Mazda Bongo Friendee which is an eight seater MPV was launched and most of them are automatic and they also come in both two and four wheel Drive.As always Ford also started selling the same car in the Japanese home market as the Ford Freda.

Where Can I Buy A Used Bongo / Vanette In Durban South Africa?

Truth of the matter is you can find the Mazda Bongo or the Nissan Vanette in some selected garages in Durban South Africa,especially if you are looking for the trucks.However the mini-bus taxes or kombis are quite hard to find and this is the reason why most people are taking the route of buying on the internet.

What people need to know is that if there is a shortage of these types of vehicles in Durban,it is most likely that even if you were to buy online,its most likely that you wont receive anything and most people are loosing their money that way.Most used Japanese car dealers in Durban are placing their orders for the same type of cars yet they are also not receiving the vehicles.Always bear in mind that those guys in Japan prefer to sell to Car dealers [because they buy in bulk] rather than to individuals.So if they cannot meet the dealership  demand,what makes you think that they will meet your individual needs.

It is partly because of this reason that we exhort you to buy and pay for something you have seen.Avoid buying pictures on the internet because you will never know wether the car you want is available or not.

If you are looking for a Mazda Bongo or Nissan Vanette,be they trucks or mini-bus taxes you can find them in Durban South Africa.You can phone or send a text message to any of the following numbers  +27735476907 / +27837841046.


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