Saturday, 16 June 2012

Used Japanese Cars and How They Will Never Affect Your Budget.

In this article we look at some of the raesons why we feel that buying used Japanese vehicles doesnot affect the budget of many consumers in particular those from countries such as Zimbabwe,Zambia,Malawi and Botswana.

  1. Firstly is is because anyone with a considerable amount of money can find a car which can suit their individual budget and needs.For example,if you have say even $2000 you can find a vehicle which has a mileage of less than 90 000Km.Before the introduction of Japanese used cars,it was quite hard to buy a reliable auto in excellent condition with the same amount of money.It is for this reason that we say your budget wont be much affected as compared to buying a brand new car from local dealerships.
  2. Another reason we say so is because almost on a daily basis we receive a lot of people like you and me who come to invest in Japanese used vehicles.Most of our consumers happen to be normal civil servants from Zimbabwe,Zambia and Malawi who talk to us,tell us their budgets and the cars as well as amounts they are prepared to spend on their autos.We then go through the various cars available which can perfectly fit into their budgets.Most of them go home happy.Unfortunately some may not be lucky enough to get the cars of their choice either because we will be waiting for new stock or their budgets will simply wont be enough for any vehicle.
  3. Transport is not all that expensive to such an extent that some ordinary men and women find it far much easier to have their vehicles transported from Durban South Africa to Zimbabwe,Zambia or Malawi.After buying the Japanese used cars,they have to pay the carriers which cost less than four thousand rands to have their vehicles transported to their home countries.This also means that your car is saved from unnecessary mileage increament and you also save on other costs which may be incured along the way.
  4. If you are buying your Japanese used vehicle from us,we provide all our customers with transport to and fro either the airport or Durban station.This in a way also saves you money since its free of charge.If you were to arrive in Durban at night,you are likely to hire a meter taxi to take you to where you will be staying.The minimum they are likely to charge you is fifty rands,moving around Durban looking for the car which you need may also require that you hire another meter-taxi.If you are doing everything through us,you will enjoy added benefits of free transport to your hotel or lodge or guest house,free transport to our garages and back to your hotel.When you go back home,we will still provide the transport to Durban station or the airport at no extra charge.
  5. You may also save on accommodation.The problem faced by many Japanese used vehicles buyers is that of accommodation.With little information and knowledge about Durban,they end up booking themselves in exepensive hotels which may put some unnecessary strains on their budgets.However there are lots of affordable and luxurious lodges and hotels around and in Durban where you can stay.Some of them are self-catering hence there wont be any need to spend money on take-aways unless you want to.A decent meal at one restaurant may cost you as much as two hundred rands per person.If you opt for a self-catering lodge or hotel then that amount could be enough for a small grocery to last you for at least two nights for three people.It depends on what you will be eating of course.If you are coming from Zimbabwe for example you can buy a 2kgs of hupfu [mobika sadza renyu ] for less than fifteen rands,buy a brai pack of chicken for almost thirty rands,tomatoes,onions,soups,oil and Cool drink wont exceed fifty rands,you may even buy some beef and pork.All in all two hundred rands is almost enough to buy you a grocery which may last you two to three days if you are running on a shoestring budget.Buying used cars from Japan should never be that expensive.
If you would like our assistance with regards to Japanese Used Vehicles,be it small cars,luxury vehicles,trucks or mini - bus taxes feel free to give us a call on +27837841046 / +27735476907.

We hope you will enjoy you stay in Durban as you find you dream used Japanese car,truck or mini-bus taxi.Wishing you all the best.


  1. Another reason also to buy used Japanese car is that parts of Japanese cars are cheaper and easily available due to its popularity.

  2. Japanese vehicles are so reliable they are even said to be more reliable than American or European cars. The Japanese definitely pride themselves in knowing this.

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  4. When I bought my Toyota Premio, I bought for affordable price and got nice discount from its seller, if you can afford brand new car, that the ideal move, but if you have just enough budget, you can consider to buy used cars!

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