Friday, 17 January 2014

What You Need To Know When Buying Used Japanese - Be It In Durban Or Online From Japan.

The Used Japanese car industry has become a force to be reckoned with. The industry is not only a favorite for the poor, but for the middle class as well as the rich as it tends to cater for everyone's needs. Anyone with as little as 1500 dollars can find a used car from Japan in Durban (even though the condition may be questionable), even those with 30 000 dollars also find vehicles which suits their budgets. Below we look at some of the things you need to know when you decide to buy a used car from japan. For the purposes of this article, we will look at both online buyers and those who travel all the way from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia among other African Countries to come to Durban to buy their second hand vehicles.

COMING TO DURBAN TO BUY YOUR USED VEHICLE FROM JAPAN : The first thing you need consider when coming to Durban is the total cost you are likely to use for the vehicle and transporting it to your home country. Most customers who phone us think that Durban prices are the same as Japanese prices. They see prices on the internet and think that even if they come to Durban they will still pay an equal amount. That is wrong unfortunately. Durban prices are totally different from the ones you see on the internet. Prices of Japanese based companies do not include clearing fees, port charges, storage fees and some other costs involved in bringing the vehicles to Durban. Even if you buy straight from japan there is no way through which you can elude the payment of these fees, be it in Durban, Namibia or Tanzania.


Well that depends on the type of vehicles you buy, the company from which you buy and obviously the exchange rate at the period you decide to buy. However for small vehicles, usually you may end up saving +/- 300 dollars or even spending more money than someone who buys from Durban. For example if you do not bring your bill of landing on time to Durban, then you are likely to pile storage fees, if you use the wrong clearing company, they may take days to clear your vehicle which means more costs for you. The clearing company will never cover your costs, even when they are solely to blame for the delays.

BUYING FORM DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA : There are a number of advantages associated with buying your used Japanese vehicles in Durban. These include the following :

  *No waiting period - You just choose and buy your vehicle and it is transported to your home country either same day or the following day.

*No Other Fees Charged - If you are buying from Durban, the dealerships have already taken all the tussle and hustle of clearing the vehicles from the port. You only pay for your vehicle and carrier fee for it (vehicle) to be taken to your home country. *You buy something you have physically seen not a picture on the net - If you buy on the internet you are buying a picture. The vehicle you receive could be different from the one you chose. I have come across so may complaints of customers saying the vehicles they bought was a full house but they received something totally different. A recent example is of a lady who bought a Honda CRV with leather sears and cd player radio. When the vehicle arrived, there were no leather seats inside, the radio was a cassette player.

*More than 15+ Dealerships to choose from - In Durban there are more than 15 Dealerships selling used Japanese vehicles. This gives the customer an opportunity to shop around,compare prices, compare vehicles. At the end of the day, the customers chooses the best used car from japan based on what he/she would have seen.

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