Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Where Can I Buy Cheap Used Japanese Vehicles In Durban South Africa?

Cheap Japanese Used Cars

Well this is the question which is on the mind of most if not all customers before they come to Durban to buy used cars from Japan.Am i going to get a car which perfectl;y fits into my budget?How am i going to move from garage to garage?For first time buyers,the most important question and mind boggling one is,"How and Where Am i Going to Find The Dealerships which Sell Vehicles From Japan?"
So where can you buy cheap second hand vehicles from Japan in Durban?The truth of the matter is that when it comes to these types of vehicles,there is no fixed price.All prices are flexible to such an extent that a vehicle whose initial asking price is $5500 could always be bought for say $4500 or even less.
Another important thing to know is the fact that there are CHEAP,CHEAPER,AND CHEAPEST garages in Durban.With more than 20 dealerships both in and out of town,its a decisionyou have to make whether you should buy in the cheap,cheaper or cheapest dealership,of course depending on your individual or business needs.
Basically speaking,its not all that easy to know which garage is cheap,safe and trustworth,especially for first time,second or even third time buyers.Even some tried and tested Japanese Car buyers still do not know that they can find cheaper garages somewhere in Durban.They just establish a "business friendship" with one or two garages in Durban and everytime they come here,they simply go to these garages without even comparing the prices with other garages.
In their minds,they have told themselves that they are getting the best deal in town which is very wrong.If you compare prices then you can get another better somewhere else.
Even though its a known fact that there are cheapest garages in Durban,truth of the matter is that a car which is cheaper in one of the most well known cheapest dealership can always be found at another garage at an even cheaper price.I would give an example of a Nissan Caravan,diseal,manual.
At the moment,almost three quarters of the garages have Nissan Caravans,they are all selling them at different prices.In one garage,its going for $4500,in another $5500,in another $6500,yet in another one its going for $7500.
In other garages,they would say $6500 including transport say to Beitbridge.However,even if they say including transport to Beitbrige,truth of the matter is that the vehicle is still expensive.Transport under normal circumstances should be $400/$500 to Beitbridge.So the inclusion of transport in the price is just to deceive you into thinking that you have been offered a better deal.

If you need any assistance with regards to buying used japanese vehicles in Durban,you can phone or whatsapp us on +2783 784 1046,or BBM - 2A94821A.Our fee is 150 Rands for the whole day.The fee includes transport/picking you up from your hotel/lodge,Durban Station or the Airport,taking you to more than 15 dealerships for you to compare prices and vehicles.After you buy your vehicle,we then take you back to your Hotel/Lodge room,Durban Station,Airport or wherever you want to go in Durban.All this for R150.
Call/Whatsapp us on +2783 784 1046,BBM - 2A94 821A.


  1. I have read many blogs in the net but have never come across such a well written blog.

  2. If you just look around the net there are a lot that offer cheap Japanese used cars but I only stick to tradecarview.

  3. I am actually planning to come to Durban to see some stock focusing on corrolas,so how do they vary

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