Saturday, 2 June 2012

How To Safely Buy Your Used Japanese Car From Durban To Zimbabwe,Zambia,Malawi...and other African countries

Safely Import Your Japanese Second Hand Car To Zimbabwe,Zambia,Malawi or any other Country.

Buying  used cars from Japan should never be a hustle.So many questions pop up the moment you think or plan to import any second hand vehicle from Japan to Zimbabwe,Zambia or any country.Basically speaking,you start to worry about how you can safely import your car,do you have to buy it on the internet or you need to go on your own,how much is the car,duty or transport is gona cost me,where am i going to stay in Durban?However truth of the matter is importing Japan used cars to Zimbabwe,Zambia or any other African country is not all that difficult and expensive as most people would like to think.

Should I Buy A Second Hand Japanese Vehicle On The Internet?

Let us briefly tackle some of the above questions.Buying your car from Durban is cheap and easy.However most people now adays are purchasing goods and services on the internet and just wait for them to be delivered.If you are buying a brand new car,but to a certain extent you may also do that but you need to be cautious.Buying a used car on the internet is not highly recommended.Why?Simply because the outer body or the pictures you see on our or other websites may deceive you.All that glitters is not gold.It is always good to buy something which you have physically seen,touched and possibly tested.Our recommendation is for you to travel to wherever you want to buy the car from and see for yourself.

Iam sure you may have come acroos some people who bought things or even used cars on the internet only to be frustrated after receiving them.Sadly there wont be any refunds or exchanges so its your loss and the car dealer's gain.

Besides,the mere thought of giving your personal information to complete strangers freaks me out.The world of e-commerce is possibly one of the greatest innovations in information technology.However with it came corn-artists and scammers lurking on the horizon waiting for any simple move so that they can pounce on you the gullible and unsuspecting prey.Do not be a victim.Only buy from trusted sites if you decide to take that route.My advice,go and buy that vehicle on your own.

How Much Is Japanese Used Cars?

Another question which boggles the minds of potential buyers is the issue of prices of the cars.Basically speaking,this depends on a number of factors which you should be aware of.Things like the model,make,car type,size and most importantly mileage come into play.Truth is when it comes to used cars from Japan,they seem to have everything for everone.Even though the costs may be as high as $10,000 for some few selected cars,you can get some cars for sa little as $2000 or even less than a thousand dollars.A BMW 1999 model may go for as low as $5000 or less.Another  thing you need to budget for is transport.Most car carriers for Japan used vehicles normally charge three thousand dollars to the beitbridge border or to Botswana.

What To Do After Buying Your Car In Durban ?

When you are in Durban or any other country,once you buy the car make sure that the cars or car is loaded on the carrier in your presence.I have seen so many people purchasing their vehicles and being told to go and wait for the vehicles by the boarder or in Botswana.There is nothing wrong with that.However there are some unscrupulous Japanese used car dealers who will load a totally different car from the one you have purchased.You will only discover that across the boarder and there wont be any turning back.

I recently came across a guy who bought a white Toyota Rav4.He waited for his delivery at the boarder as per the car dealer's instructions [and just like anyone else].When the car was delivered he was surprised that the car was not only black but was a Yaris as well.Upon phoning the car dealer he was told that it was the driver's mistake and his car was mistakenly sent to Botswana hence he had to go there to fetch it.

After speaking to some of the drivers,i was told that thats what some car dealers do.They sell one car to three or five different people.They then run around to other dealers looking for the same car.If they get it in black and you had bought white,they will simply send it with no remorse.If they fail to get the same car they will have to wait for some new deliveries from Japan.That is very wrong,but unfortunately it is happening.

To sum it up all - come to buy the car on your own and make sure you get what you need.On the price side,you should roughly pay for the cost of the car,import duty,transportation fee  and the registration fee.That is how easy it is to buy a Japanese used car from Durban South Africa.

If you are coming down South to buy any Japanese used vehicle and you want to do it as safe as possible get all the assistance you would need by contacting Mr Kapingura or Mr Zhou on +27837841046 /+27735476907.They can organise transport to and from Durban station for you to some trustworth car dealers.They can also make accommodation arrangements for you in some of the safest but affordable hotels,lodges and guest houses around in and around Durban.


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