Monday, 28 May 2012

Why People Still Love Used Japanese Cars !

Reliability and Affordability Of Used Japanese Cars :

According to Wikipedia,the Japanese automotive Industry is probably one of the best and most prominent industries in the world.In the year 2008,Japan was the largest vehicle manufacture in the world which in a way can be rightly said to have cemented the credibility of the industry.It is a well known secret that Japanese Cars are in huge demand world wide.

Some of the well known Japanese manufactures include :

  • Toyota,
  • Honda,
  • Mitsubishu,
  • Daihatsu,
  • Mazda,
  • Isuzu
  •  Nissan
Among the 'not-so-well-known' yet still receiving a considerable amount and share of attention are Mitsuoka,Subaru,Yamaha and Kawasaki.

Affordability Of Second hand Japanese Cars :

It is a well known fact that Japanese cars are some of the most affordable cars in the world.It is for this reason that most African and other third worl countries,especially those in Southern Africa like Botswana,Malawi,Zambia and Zimbabwe.Most people in these countries invest in Japanese Cars based on affordability.For example it is pretty easier for people to find cars which cost as little as $500 with others going for $4000.They seem to have everything for everyone.Its all pocket dependant.

Reliability :

Generally speaking,Japanese Cars are not only affordable but reliable as well.It is again for this reason why second hand Japanese Cars are still able to penetrate the automotive markets of many countries worldwide.It is again for these reasons why the country became the largest car producing nation in the past recent years [200] and its market share continues to flourish.

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  1. I agree that Japanese cars are reliable and affordable! These cars are in acceptable car standard and quality!

  2. the above cell numbers are always unanswered though????